Blackfish City – Sam Miller

Summary: Qaanaaq is a floating city, based in the Arctic, a complex highly-engineered environment that somehow survives in this dystopian world. It is built along Arms, and social castes gravitate towards their own. The city has its social problems, and is riven by class, power and wealth. The city is run by mysterious shareholders (they … Continue reading Blackfish City – Sam Miller


Iron, Fire and Ice – Ed West

Summary: Game of Thrones (GoT), the HBO series based on George Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, has been one of the most successful TV series ever. The series is fictional, but in reality Martin was largely inspired by the English War of the Roses, and through this book you find that, sometimes, the … Continue reading Iron, Fire and Ice – Ed West

Defeating the Ministers of Death – David Isaacs

Summary: This is essentially a numbers book: Spanish flu 1918: Infected 500 million people globally, killing up to 50 million. Smallpox 1950: 10 million die from an estimated 50 million cases worldwide. Diphtheria 1930’s: Third leading cause of child death in England and Wales. (This one is personal, as my own mother had it as … Continue reading Defeating the Ministers of Death – David Isaacs

The Moth: Occasional Magic

Summary: I had never heard of The Moth, or what it does. It is primarily an American thing, with the occasional show in London and the like. The premise is essentially people getting up and telling their stories. These people run the full gamut, from famous artists, writers and other celebrities, to other less well-known … Continue reading The Moth: Occasional Magic

April 19 Wrap-Up!

April Literary Quote: “The April winds are magical, And thrill our tuneful frames; The garden-walks are passional To bachelors and dames.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, May-Day and other pieces April was extremely busy. Both work-wise and family-wise, things just exploded, and left precious little time for anything else. There was quite a bit of travelling, mainly … Continue reading April 19 Wrap-Up!

Author Interview – Richard Easter

Author Interview – Richard Easter My Eleventh Author Interview is with the irrepressible Richard Easter, who in his book Cover Stories has taken eight classic songs, and given them an excellent backstory. He talks here about The General Theory of Haunting, part of a spooky trilogy. He spends the bulk of his time, when writing, … Continue reading Author Interview – Richard Easter

Nightflyers – George R. R. Martin

Summary: This is one of George Martin’s early forays into Science fiction (1979/80), and this is now a Netflix series. It is about an inter-stellar hunt for knowledge, and tracking down an ancient race. Main Characters: Roy Eris: The captain of the ship, who remains hidden from view for most of the novel, but has … Continue reading Nightflyers – George R. R. Martin