The Toymakers – Robert Dinsdale

Magic and Wonder in the Emporium


Literary Pub Crawl of Dublin

St Patrick's Day in Ireland, and a Literary Pub Tour - marriage made in heaven?? On a day when the world goes green [17th March every year], where better to spend it than at the heart of it? Well, there's nothing like a guide to the literary pubs to help you get around. I have … Continue reading Literary Pub Crawl of Dublin

The Fifth Era Of Man – Joshua Barker

Summary: A science fiction novel set many, many years into our future, it features a thrown-together group, each with their own personal quest, who unite to solve a mystery. Main Characters: Cal: A drifter, scavenger and deadbeat, he lives on and off the lowest rung of society. Prae: Long-lived human, from the original race of … Continue reading The Fifth Era Of Man – Joshua Barker

World Book Day 2019

Hope you all get to read something today, World Book Day 2019!!! There are FEW things more important than the ability to read!! It opens the path to a more secure future, empowers people, raises educational standards and thus prospects, fosters better mutual understanding, and also is just PLAIN FUN!!! Let's inspire the next generation! … Continue reading World Book Day 2019

So Here I Am – Anna Russell

Summary: This is a timely book.  It is a book containing over 50 speeches by women, given throughout the centuries, and finally giving a voice to the hidden history of half the human race. It is important to note that the speeches are not virulently anti-male, but a true demand for equality of all in … Continue reading So Here I Am – Anna Russell

The Human Stain – Philip Roth

Summary: This is the third book in Roth’s trilogy, exploring American life. Main Characters: Nathan Zuckerberg: The narrator, he is an author who has lived in the Berkshire hills for the past five years. Colman Silk: The retired dean of classics from Athena, the main subject of the novel Faunia Farley: Silk’s 34 year old … Continue reading The Human Stain – Philip Roth

January 2019 – Wrap-Up!

  January eased itself through the door – I was away in Mayo for a few days, and I didn’t get back to reviewing until January 11th! I was lucky enough to have been able to host my VERY FIRST GUEST POST, The Social Critiques of Philosophical Reason by Greg Hickey! I had hoped to … Continue reading January 2019 – Wrap-Up!

Author Interview – Shaun Baines

My eighth Author interview is with Shaun Baines, who wrote Woodcutter, a dark thriller set on the hard streets of Newcastle, England. Shaun writes to prepare for the time when his knees give out, and he can't tend his market garden (hopefully years into the future!). His writing space is "floating", and he is led … Continue reading Author Interview – Shaun Baines