World Book Day 2018 – Ideas & Activities

This is my first World Book Day as a blogger!

I love this day, as it’s a real celebration of reading, and everything bookish! Below, I’ve put together a couple of links for Book Day Ideas including costumes and to aid teachers, as well as specific activities and events for the UK and Ireland.

Why is this day important?

Research shows children who read daily for enjoyment perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, and have more well-developed vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures.

In fact, research suggests the pleasure-reading is more likely to determine whether a child does well at school than their social or economic background.

Kindles, phones, PC’s and MAC’s – all electronic, all mobile. But what about the good old physical book? Close a screen, Open a book! Read to your child every day, and you raise a reader for life!

Kicking off today Thursday March 01 in Ireland and the UK, World Book Day [WBD] is THE annual opportunity to turn off the digital world, and get back into reading the physical books. With the “Beast from the East” knocking on our doors, what better way to spend a snowed-in day than curled up by the fire, with an old favourite or a new experience to thumb through?

Well, I thought of a couple more ideas.

1: Charity Dress-Up Day:

Why not organise a charity day in work? If the boss is open to it, get people to dress up as their favourite character, with everyone donating say €2/£2/$2 to a nominated charity? There MAY have to be some HR guidelines though… Dressing up is probably the best-known activity, and given WBD has been going over 20 years, we probably have all been through it as kids! It’s fun, mostly harmless, and for a good cause!

2: Start a book club.

This is pretty straight-forward, and the local library is always a good place to start, or you could just ask around in your circle. Stick up a notice, and see who gets back to you. An amazing fun way to meet new friends, and re-connect with old ones you may not have seen. AND it’s in person, so all the social benefits are there (I know of one book club that segued nicely into a book n wine club, to everyone’s delight, and going strong three years on!).

3: Organise a Book Haul

Ask your colleagues to bring in old books, for sale to each other for a €/£/$2 donation to charity. Triple benefit of clearing more room at home for new arrivals, pre-loved books finding a new & loving home, and the nominated charity gets 100% of the donations!

Other suggestions are always welcome!

Fun Facts:

World Book Day is celebrated in over 100 countries and, excepting the UK and Ireland, all other countries choose April 23, Shakespeare’s birthday. Ireland and the UK always pick the first Thursday in March, as it doesn’t disrupt school time! UNESCO have designated this day.

Schoolkids, from primary to secondary level, get a voucher (worth £1/€1.50) to go against a book of their choice. These vouchers are usually distributed in schools. This year, up to 15 MILLION vouchers will be given out, one per child, in Ireland and the UK. Vouchers are valid from Monday 27th February to Sunday 26th March.

Other thoughts:

I did some research, and have found these cool links for you to click through!

Happy Reading!!

Book Tokens:

Local Offers/Events:

Find a Bookshop:

Ideas: (books & activities for all ages & stages!)

Teaching Ideas:

Useful Site:


The UK have 10 books available for free to young children with their voucher, ranging from Mr Men to Avengers.

For the teen reader, they have 5 novels to choose from, for only £1.50 with their voucher.

Here’s a link to the full list:


World Book – Exclusively from O’Brien Press:
    Rugby Roar – Gerald Siggins

See his hugely popular Rugby Series: Rugby SpiritRugby WarriorRugby RebelRugby Flyer and Rugby Runner.


A whirlwind rugby adventure thousands of miles from home – get it at EASONS or your local bookseller!

Charity Event: Bring a Book, Buy a book:

St Michael’s House – – a fantastic charity helping children and adults with intellectual disabilities. This campaign is 10 years old this year! Even if you can’t be there, please donate!


There is an additional Welsh-language book available only in Wales.

Na, Nel!: Un Tro by Meleri Wyn James, published by Y Lolfa.

To order this book please contact the Welsh Books Council: Tel: 01970 624455

Hopefully this stuff helps, and entertains! Watch out for Rest Of World post in April!!


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