October 18 Wrap-up!

October. She just came creeping around the corner, and already had her feet under the table before I woke up and noticed her.  October really just ARRIVED!

It was a shock to remember that it has been just over a year since I broke my neck, and I feel blessed to be still able to walk and have a normal life! Lucky, lucky man! The injury is how I got into blogging in the first place, so the old cliché about every cloud having a silver lining…:D

Anyway – on to all things bookish!

I managed 14 books in total this month, as well as having an interview with Marcus Nannini, author of Chameleons, a fascinating historical fiction read of Japanese survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbour, forging new lives in the US while harbouring their secret. Just one book shy of the Goodreads target of 150!!! (Goodreads link here)

FOUR emerging writers were kind enough to send me their books, and as well as reviewing four more Shakespeare plays, I managed six books by very different authors, from historical fiction to biography to fiction.

I also got to participate in my first-ever blog tour – Yay!!! The book was Dear Mr Pop Star, and it is a hilarious read.

Thank you again to everyone out there who has read the reviews, who has posted comments, and who expressed a like for them. Your appreciation and feedback is really motivating for me, and is the real fun part of doing this. THANK YOU!!!!!First Wrap

Emerging Writers:

1: Woodcutter – Shaun Baines

Murder. Casual sex. Drugs. Death.

2: Fun With Languages – Monica di Santi

Well-written self-help book

3: Dear Mr Pop Star – Derek and David Philpott

A hilarious read of letters to famous and not-so-famous-anymore pop stars, and their answers!

4: My Mostly Happy Life – Shelly Reuben.

A charming delightful tale of Life as seen by a tree. Observing the full gamut of people, and its ultimate fight for survival.

Such a wide variety from self-help to humour – all great reads.

Saturday Shakespeare:

5: Much Ado About Nothing

A woman falsely accused of having affairs, but ultimately is reconciled with her jealous lover. By the way, it’s a comedy!

6: Two Gentlemen of Verona

A loose comedy, based on two best friends, one of whom falls for the other’s girlfriend.

7: Measure For Measure

“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall”. Sex, mercy and mortality in 17th century Vienna.

8: The Tempest

“Hell is empty, and all the devils are here”. Shakespeare’s last play, a powerful story of revenge and forgiveness.

Established Authors:

9: Holding – Graham Norton

Excellent tale of small-town Ireland riven by discovery of a skeleton. Rumour-mill goes into overdrive, and worlds thought safe are shattered.

10: A Ladder to the Sky – John Boyne

How low would you go, to reach the stars? Fast-paced psychological thriller about an utterly focused sociopath and the destruction left behind.

11: Blackbeard – Samuel Marquis

Riveting read of the notorious Blackbeard, in all his glory!

12: Conrad Monk and the Great Heathen Army – Eduardo Albert

Tongue-in-cheek romp through medieval England.

13: Bruce Springsteen – Meredith Ochs

An absorbing read into the life of one of the greatest.

14: White Teeth – Zadie Smith

Multi-cultural Britain in the naughties.

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