Resolver – Brian Lelas


Following the explosive end to Tome, Adrien is back in the second and final novel of this series.

Main Characters:

Adrien Moore: He is a Resolver. He grew up in the first book, learning to control his absorbed powers, and through facing the might of the Circle.

Edwin Merchant: Leader of the Circle, an underground movement resisting the Acquisitors. Fragile in appearance, he is in fact is equipped with a powerful gift, and is driven by a strong internal agenda. On the run following the Scar explosion.

Holly Banks: An emerging Resolver, she has a unique power, that allows her to Blink back in time.

Minor Characters:

Martin Gale: The true leader of the Acquisitors, based at the Scar Vault, he is impeccably in control, and as driven to destroy Edwin as Edwin is him.

Stefan: Low-level Acquisitor, ingratiates himself with Holly, who doesn’t realise how lethal he is.


Adrien and Martin are on the trail of Edwin and the Circle, who have been exposed as megalomaniacs. For Martin, this is something he has been pursuing for a long time; for Adrien, it is personal, as he lost a lot of friends through Edwin’s betrayal of him in Tome.

We follow the two groups, as they jostle for advantage. Edwin spends his time looking for other Resolvers, the aim being to either recruit them for his group, or kill them and absorb their Gift. Resolvers absorb their Gifts through reading Tomes, special books only visible to them. Edwin has…a different way of getting their power.

In addition to looking for his enemies, Adrien is also looking to solve the question of what exactly are the Visors, and The Scribes. These are entities, invisible to most humans, but not to Adrien. They inhabit every doorway, and understanding the link and purpose between them and the Scribes, goblin-like creatures who record what the Visors see, is a major quest.

The groups clash violently, with more loss of life and huge damage to property along the way. Holly becomes a major player in this war of ideologies, and Adrien discovers he still has a long way to go before being fully aware of, and able to control, the powers that reside in him. Edwin also grows in power, leading to a major conflict.

What I Liked:

  • The pacing is well measured. The story develops and flows quickly, while allowing the author to develop different aspects of the character’s personalities.
  • The story builds nicely from the first book, and the world-building is well-crafted.
  • We get to have an insight into the Visors and their world.
  • The twist at the end – I did not see that coming.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Some of the decisions taken by characters jarred a little, and needed the explanation for them to make sense. In one particular instance, it felt like just clearing the undergrowth, but the dialogue post-action helped resolve it.


Another thoroughly enjoyable read from this emerging writer. Solid world-building, believable characters and storyline, and fast action, it will appeal to a wide variety of readers. I would thoroughly recommend this book.


I received a free physical copy of this book from the author, in return for an honest and objective review.


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