April 19 Wrap-Up!

April 19

April Literary Quote:

“The April winds are magical,

And thrill our tuneful frames;

The garden-walks are passional

To bachelors and dames.”

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson, May-Day and other pieces

April was extremely busy. Both work-wise and family-wise, things just exploded, and left precious little time for anything else. There was quite a bit of travelling, mainly around Ireland, but also up the North, and we spent a very pleasant weekend in Belfast.

But get to read I did, albeit only five books which is way below my norm, and also managed an Author Interview. So here we are!

1: Seclusion – Jacqui Castle

A world where everyone has a job, no-one is hungry or homeless, and every need is catered for – all they want in return is your freedom.

2: Murder By The Book – Claire Harman

This is an account of a murder that happened in 1840, that caused massive uproar at the time, and brought into sharp focus the effects of the “Newgate novels” onto society, an argument that still has parallels in today’s world (e.g. the effect of video games).

3: The Windup Girl – Paolo Bacigalupi

Classic Sci-Fi novel set in Thailand, with genetically-modified humans, rampant viruses, greed and corruption on a global scale. Calories are king!

4: The Book Of Dreams – Nina George

A boy comes to know his comatose father. Excellent fictional story on the power of connections, death and immortality.

5: How To Stop Time – Matt Haig

A man who ages slower than the rest of humanity, he is a living history textbook. However, he does not allow himself to get close to anyone. Is this life, or just living?

Author Interview

Wendy Drinkwater, author of Hobbs Horrific Arts and Gifts

I also hosted a post on International Book fairs – hopefully something for you where you live!










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