Murder at the Columbarium – Emily Gallo

Summary: This is an interesting whodunnit story, which also has a number of other threads running through it. Main Characters: Jed Gibbons: Sixty-something African-American, curator of a Columbarium (a building where funeral urns are stored). Monica: His wife, positively diagnosed with HIV. Minor Characters: Dutch: Sixty-something grower of legal weed. Juniper: Dutch’s live-in companion, and … Continue reading Murder at the Columbarium – Emily Gallo

All The Broken People – Amy Rivers

Summary: Set in Georgia, Alice Bennett has taken on the role of caregiver to her recently-injured mother-in-law. Travelling from New York, she hopes she will find the space and time to deal with her marital pressures in this quiet picturesque town. Underneath the surface, however, simmering old feuds and resentments are finally boiling over, and … Continue reading All The Broken People – Amy Rivers

Author Interview – Shaun Baines

My eighth Author interview is with Shaun Baines, who wrote Woodcutter, a dark thriller set on the hard streets of Newcastle, England. Shaun writes to prepare for the time when his knees give out, and he can't tend his market garden (hopefully years into the future!). His writing space is "floating", and he is led … Continue reading Author Interview – Shaun Baines