The Etymologicon – Mark Forsyth

  Etymology – the study of words and how their meaning has changed throughout history, and of the origins of a word. This is an interesting book. The author ranges across continents, languages, ancient and modern societies, and even different species, in what seems to be a free association of thoughts. I learnt that “Buffalo … Continue reading The Etymologicon – Mark Forsyth

Author Interview – Richard Easter

Author Interview – Richard Easter My Eleventh Author Interview is with the irrepressible Richard Easter, who in his book Cover Stories has taken eight classic songs, and given them an excellent backstory. He talks here about The General Theory of Haunting, part of a spooky trilogy. He spends the bulk of his time, when writing, … Continue reading Author Interview – Richard Easter

How To Remove A Brain – David Haviland

Summary: This is one of those books where you can get a whole load of squeamish and interesting facts and stories, that can be thrown casually into conversation. Plot: The author takes us through a journey over ten chapters, covering areas such as the Wisdom of the Ancients [interesting approach to contraception, for example, and … Continue reading How To Remove A Brain – David Haviland

The Emancipation of Veronica McAllister – Shawn Inmon

Summary: A Time Travel story, taking a dying eighty-year old woman back to the cusp of her adulthood in 1950’s Oregon, for a chance to re-live her life. Would she do things differently? Main Characters: Veronica McAllister: The protagonist, a woman who has a lot of regrets in her current life. Ruthie Miller: Veronica’s childhood … Continue reading The Emancipation of Veronica McAllister – Shawn Inmon