The Clockmaker’s Daughter – Kate Morton

Ghost story with a detective twist


The Book Of Bera – Suzie Wilde

Part One: Sea Paths This is the first Viking fantasy book I’ve ever read. I’d like to think I have a good grasp of the mythology, and have read a few Viking historical non-fiction books, so this was a little leap into the unknown. Summary: Bera is a young girl, whose seer mother died when … Continue reading The Book Of Bera – Suzie Wilde

Sugar Money – Jane Harris

Sugar Money is based on a true story, about slaves being sent by their masters to steal other slaves, based in the sweltering Caribbean islands of Grenada and Martinique of 1765. Lucien (aged about 13 years old in the novel, enthusiastic , full of life and our narrator throughout this book) and his older brother … Continue reading Sugar Money – Jane Harris