The Seclusion – Jacqui Castle

A world where everyone has a job, no-one is hungry or homeless, and every need is catered for – all they want in return is your freedom.

The Fifth Era Of Man – Joshua Barker

Summary: A science fiction novel set many, many years into our future, it features a thrown-together group, each with their own personal quest, who unite to solve a mystery. Main Characters: Cal: A drifter, scavenger and deadbeat, he lives on and off the lowest rung of society. Prae: Long-lived human, from the original race of … Continue reading The Fifth Era Of Man – Joshua Barker

The Memory of Running – Ron McLarty

Another story In Memory of Running is about a loser, but one that will grab you by the heart and squeeze every last tear from it. Well, maybe. Smithy is already depressed, overweight, friendless - a 40-something chain-smoking drunk. Then he discovers that, within the space of a week, his parents and his long-lost sister have … Continue reading The Memory of Running – Ron McLarty