Author Interview – Juliet Conlin

My second author interview is the quite brilliant Juliet Conlin, author of "The Uncommon Life of Alfred Warner in Six Days". Juliet is super busy with about four projects at the moment, so I am really grateful she took the time to have a chat to tell us about what's going on with her! The … Continue reading Author Interview – Juliet Conlin

5 Children’s Books That Grown-Ups Love Too!

In "On three ways of writing for children", C.S. Lewis once said "A children's story which is enjoyed only by children is a bad children's story". I think he is right - good stories have an appeal, a magic that draws everyone and every age in. The five books I've listed below succeed in enthralling … Continue reading 5 Children’s Books That Grown-Ups Love Too!

10 Books To Get Kids Reading

It's getting harder to get kids to read BOOKS. About 5 years ago, the then-UK government announced a National Reading Competition, to be launched in the following September with local regional and national prizes, having the aim of improving the literacy of young children. They were particularly worried about young boys, 1 in 10 of … Continue reading 10 Books To Get Kids Reading