The Author Speaks!

This page is just so that you can find the interview with a particular author.

I will list the person’s name, and alongside it the book I reviewed, linked to the review, as well as the month I published the interview.

These are all wonderfully creative people – hopefully you will get to appreciate them as much as I do, in their own words! Enjoy!!

Nicholas Conley – Intraterrestrialreviewed February 18, interviewed January 2019

Fuelled by cups of coffee, inspired by clay slugs, and a good bit of work coming down the line! He has three books out now, the latest (2018) being Intraterrestrial.

Atia Abawi – The Land Of Permanent Goodbyesreviewed February 18, interviewed December 2018

Atia is a multi-award winning journalist, working out of the Middle East firstly for CNN, then NBC. She writes anywhere and everywhere, so she could be that scribbler over in the corner of your local coffee shop! The Land of Permanent Goodbyes is her attempt to tell a story, outside of deadlines and newspaper space restrictions!

Birgitta Hjalmarson – Fylgia – reviewed June 2018, interviewed Nov 2018

Driven by a physical need to write, and finally (thankfully) getting the courage to put pen to paper to create Fylgia, Birgitta is now either writing, preparing to write, or just finished. In-between taking oceanside walks, and watching movies, Birgitta is already well into her third book.

Marcus Nannini –ย Chameleons, An Untold World War II Story – reviewed April 2018, interviewed October 2018

Coming off his successful book Chameleons, with the second in the series in final edit, and two other books hurtling down the tracks, somehow Marcus found the time to sit down and talk about his work, and his life!

Josie Jaffrey – A Bargain In Silver reviewed June 2018, interviewed September 2018

Josie takes a break from her intense schedule, and her promotion of her latest book The Gilded King, to talk about herself, her passions and the book that started the series that started it all – A Bargain In Silver!

James Maxstadt – Tales of A Nuisance Man – reviewed June 2018, interviewed July 2018

James talks about his latest work, Tales of a Nuisance Man, first released in November 2017, getting bitten (by the writing bug), and who inspires him to write! We get to see just how busy a writer he is!!

Juliet Conlin – The Uncommon Life of Alfred Warner in Six Days – reviewed April 2018, interviewed June 2018

Juliet kindly takes time from her busy schedule to talk about her latest book [The Uncommon Life of Alfred Warner in Six Days (first published Feb 2017)], her numerous upcoming projects, and her origins writing from a repurposed broom cupboard! Juliet also has super advice for all budding authors!

M K Graham – Cairnaerie – reviewed March 2018, interviewed May 2018

My interview with the lovely Martha Graham, a chance to get to know her and her latest work, Cairnaerie, released in March 2017. Martha is an experienced writer, with a hectic personal and professional life (but makes time for mint chocolate!). Martha loves writing historical fiction, and has great words of advice for all writers out there!