Monthly Wraps – What I’ve Read And Reviewed!

This page is to list the monthly wrap-ups. I began it in April of 2018, and I’m hoping it is easy to navigate around!! As always, let me know how it can be improved!!

April 19 Wrap-Up

April 19







April was the slowest month for quite some time. I only got to five books, although every one of them were fantastic.

I also got to interview the wonderful Wendy Drinkwater – see her interview here – as she talked about her excellent book Hobbs Horrific Arts, and her writing life.

I also hosted a post on International Book fairs – hopefully something for you where you live!

March 19 Wrap-Up

March 19 Wrap Up



9 Books in March!

  • 6 Emerging authors
  • 3 established authors


I was delighted to get to read such a wide and exciting range of new talent.



Unfortunately, I did not get to do an Author Interview this month, but hopefully made up for it with posts on St Patrick’s Day (see my post about the Literary Pub Crawl Tour of Dublin here) AND World Book Day 2019 !!!


February 19 Wrap-Up


Feb 19 Wrap up

8 Books in February!

  • 5 Emerging authors
  • 3 established authors

Felt Like I was getting back into the reading groove! 😀

In addition to all these great books, I was excited to get to have a super Author Interview with the excellent Shaun Baines, author of Woodcutter, a dark thriller set in Newcastle, UK.

January 19 Wrap-Up

Jan 18 pix


5 Books in January!

  • 2 Emerging authors
  • 3 established authors


Not the best of reading starts to a New Year:)




I was lucky enough to have been able to host my VERY FIRST GUEST POST, The Social Critiques of Philosophical Reason by Greg Hickey!

I also got to interview the excellent Nicholas Conley, author of Intraterrestrial, which was both one of my very earliest book reviews, and also one of the first book reviews I carried out as part of Rosie Amber’s Review Team (link to her blog here. They are truly an amazing bunch of bloggers – check them out!).

December 18 Wrap-Up

Dec 18 Wrapup pix

7 books this month:

  • 2 Self-Help
  • 1 Emerging Author
  • 1 Throwback
  • 3 established authors

Only seven books done in December (well, in fairness, it IS Christmas & New Year’s, and you only see some people at this time of year).


I was able to interview the amazing Atia Abawi, author of The Land of Permanent Goodbyes.




Having completed the review of all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays in November, I was able to sit back and think about what I learned from him, his characters, and the gamut of emotions his plays encompass. Life Lessons – here’s the link!

November 18 Wrap-Up


12 books in total:

  • 4 Shakespeare
  • 6 works by established Authors
  • 4 emerging authors



  • SMASHING my Goodreads target of 150 books by the end of the year – I hit 160 with a month to go!
  • Completed my goal of reading and reviewing EVERY Shakespeare play in a year! I started with Hamlet on March 10, and finished with Othello on Nov 24!


Shakespeare Saturday Wrap-up

All 37 Shakespeare Plays, read and reviewed in one year.

Here are some of my thoughts on the Life Lessons I think the Bard has to give us.

PLUS: some of their most famous quotes, and a little bit of history!

October 18 Wrap-Up

Oct 18 wrapup Pix


14 books in total:

  • 4 Shakespeare
  • 6 works by established Authors
  • 4 emerging authors




September 18 Wrap-up

Sep 18 wrap



12 books in total:


August 18 Wrap-up

Aug18 Wrap Pic


11 books in total:

  • 3 Shakespeare
  • 1 classic
  • 2 established authors
  • 5 emerging authors


July 18 Wrap-up

July 18 Wrap


16 books in total:

  • 3 emerging authors
  • 4 Classics
  • 4 Shakespeare
  • 5 established authors

And Not Forgetting:

My third Author Interview was with James Maxstadt, discussing his life and the book Tales of A Nuisance Man.



June 18 Wrap-up

Book Crazy

17 books in total:

  • 8 emerging authors (my best month yet!!!)
  • 4 Classics
  • 5 Shakespeare



May 18 Wrap-up

May 18 Wrap


18 books in total: 

  • 6 emerging authors
  • 3 established authors
  • 5 Classics
  • 4 Shakespeare



April 18 Wrap-up

April 18 Wrap


15 books in total: