What I’ve Read And Reviewed!

This page is to list the monthly wrap-ups. I began it in April of 2018, and I’m hoping it is easy to navigate around!! As always, let me know how it can be improved!!

January 19 Wrap-Up

Jan 18 pix


5 Books in January!

  • 2 Emerging authors
  • 3 established authors


Not the best of reading starts to a New Year:)




I was lucky enough to have been able to host my VERY FIRST GUEST POST, The Social Critiques of Philosophical Reason by Greg Hickey!

I also got to interview the excellent Nicholas Conley, author of Intraterrestrial, which was both one of my very earliest book reviews, and also one of the first book reviews I carried out as part of Rosie Amber’s Review Team (link to her blog here. They are truly an amazing bunch of bloggers – check them out!).

December 18 Wrap-Up

Dec 18 Wrapup pix

7 books this month:

  • 2 Self-Help
  • 1 Emerging Author
  • 1 Throwback
  • 3 established authors

Only seven books done in December (well, in fairness, it IS Christmas & New Year’s, and you only see some people at this time of year).


I was able to interview the amazing Atia Abawi, author of The Land of Permanent Goodbyes.




Having completed the review of all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays in November, I was able to sit back and think about what I learned from him, his characters, and the gamut of emotions his plays encompass. Life Lessons – here’s the link!

November 18 Wrap-Up


12 books in total:

  • 4 Shakespeare
  • 6 works by established Authors
  • 4 emerging authors



  • SMASHING my Goodreads target of 150 books by the end of the year – I hit 160 with a month to go!
  • Completed my goal of reading and reviewing EVERY Shakespeare play in a year! I started with Hamlet on March 10, and finished with Othello on Nov 24!


Shakespeare Saturday Wrap-up

All 37 Shakespeare Plays, read and reviewed in one year.

Here are some of my thoughts on the Life Lessons I think the Bard has to give us.

PLUS: some of their most famous quotes, and a little bit of history!

October 18 Wrap-Up

Oct 18 wrapup Pix


14 books in total:

  • 4 Shakespeare
  • 6 works by established Authors
  • 4 emerging authors




September 18 Wrap-up

Sep 18 wrap



12 books in total:


August 18 Wrap-up

Aug18 Wrap Pic


11 books in total:

  • 3 Shakespeare
  • 1 classic
  • 2 established authors
  • 5 emerging authors


July 18 Wrap-up

July 18 Wrap


16 books in total:

  • 3 emerging authors
  • 4 Classics
  • 4 Shakespeare
  • 5 established authors

And Not Forgetting:

My third Author Interview was with James Maxstadt, discussing his life and the book Tales of A Nuisance Man.



June 18 Wrap-up

Book Crazy

17 books in total:

  • 8 emerging authors (my best month yet!!!)
  • 4 Classics
  • 5 Shakespeare



May 18 Wrap-up

May 18 Wrap


18 books in total: 

  • 6 emerging authors
  • 3 established authors
  • 5 Classics
  • 4 Shakespeare



April 18 Wrap-up

April 18 Wrap


15 books in total: